Matar is a new women’s ready-to-wear brand created by Hind Matar, a Bahraini who studied at University of Virginia and Central Saint Martins and currently lives in London. Hind’s designs have innovative cuts; her colors are always bold and oscillate from solid dark cold palettes to bright and intense metallic colors. With just two collections under her belt, Hind has garnered praise from esteemed critics and MATAR is on the road to becoming available in some of the coolest fashion shops around the world. Her pieces are quite structured; the volumes are geometric yet exude femininity. Fabrics are an important part of her design process and become a main feature in her collections with their unique textures inviting us to touch them.
On your resume I see you have studied Economics, why?
I wanted to understand the dynamics of how the world operates as a whole, the intricacies involved in different regions of the world and to gain business acumen for my future.
How did you make the transition from University of Virginia to Central Saint Martins?
I knew I wanted to pursue my creative endeavors, and fashion design was my true passion. Central Saint Martins was on the top of my list.
How was the experience at Saint Martins? Did you feel the influence everybody talks about?
Saint Martins was a playground for creativity. It provided such a free and liberating approach to studying and forging a methodology to develop my ideas to their fullest potential.
So, you obtained a degree in Economics and another one in Fashion. Would you say that you are talented in both subjects?
I have a strong grasp of Economics,however, I would say my skills and knowledge in fashion design triumph.
You made an internship with Bernhard Willhelm, one of the most talented designers of the last decade. What did you learn from him?
It was such an incredible experience working on Bernhard’s SS12 collection in Mexico. It was fascinating to see his hands-on approach to designing and creating garments that are complex yet look effortless and wearable. His close relationships with his team members and the fun atmosphere he created made the whole experience so enjoyable and inspiring.
When was the exact moment you decided it’s time to create MATAR?
After my studies and work experience, I had a moment of clarity. Suddenly, I had this strong conviction to pursue my vision and so I decided to launch MATAR.
How did you decide the kind of brand you wanted it to be?
It’s a very organic process. I explore ideas that fascinate me at that very moment and I am always aware of the woman I am designing for: a confident, independent and complex woman; gallantly feminine, fearlessly refined and effortlessly elaborate.
In Spanish MATAR means “to kill” and I know you love it, why?
It’s a strong meaning. MATAR also means rain in Arabic and it's easy pronunciation, it all adds to its appeal.
Right now, what are the frontiers for MATAR?
I am currently working on the SS15 collection which will be showcased during London Fashion Week, as well as a short film that will feature the collection.
How much of your Arab culture influences your collections?
It infiltrates into the bold color palettes that I gravitate towards, as well as the intricate embellishments and surface decorations that have been embedded into Bahrain’s heritage, with its strong ties to Persia and India.
Your sister is in the creative world too. She works very closely with you and collaborates with other fashion brands as well. How do you both work together as a team?
Yes, Hala is a film director based in LA and we are really close. We just worked together on two films in LA and she’ll be directing a film for my SS15 collection in August. We trust each other completely and we have many exciting projects coming up.
What do you think about the campaigns that talk about “designing for real women”?
For me, all women are real women. Of course I understand why it's important to highlight issues that affect certain kinds of women. But as a fashion designer, you can never appeal to everyone. Each brand has its own signature that attracts customers who find themselves drawn to it. So for MATAR, I naturally envision certain women when I design. But even if utterly different women become attracted to my designswhom I didn't originally envision, well, it just makes the whole process all the more interesting.
For the closure, let us know where can buy MATAR?
MATAR AW14 collection will be stocked in H. Lorenzo, Los Angeles.