The future is already here and Harry Nuriev knows it. That’s why the artist, architect and designer is willing to bring the virtual world to the physical. This time, during Paris Fashion Week, he has teamed up with creative director Gaia Repossi to present Web-3 Café, a nostalgic pop-up installation inspired by his upcoming interior design mobile game, Crosby Studio Video Game, that recreates its opening scene and discloses a new series of a purchasable furniture collection that is also featured in the game. You have until April 4 to live the experience at Galerie Charraudeau in Paris.
To fully immerse yourself in Nuriev’s metaverse, in this installation you will have the opportunity to get a sneak peek of Crosby Studios Video Game and, in addition, you will also be able to take a look at the augmented reality jewellery collection made by the artist Gaia Repossi. Following his usual series of household items – we can’t forget his now-iconic Balenciaga Sofa (2019) –, on this occasion, the creative brings us a new set inspired by the digital game, with pixelated and miniature versions that remind us of the classic Crosby stools and side tables.

“Harry’s concepts constitute different, unorthodox psychology of space perception. Toy stools, toy tables, and a toy café are a simple dissociative way of discovering the digital architecture we live in. They are models, they are ways of thinking, they are everyday things. The colours and pixels unconsciously bring us into the unconditional fun of the 1990 computer game, Hugo’s House of Horrors especially the pink stool, reminiscent of fuchsia found in the legendary Microsoft Paint palette,” mentions Yana Gorpinchenko, the co-founder of Galerie Charraudeau.

In the video game, players will also have the chance to create their own interior designs, furniture and objects. The new furniture series inspired by the bitmap aesthetic replicates the game’s metaverse as tangible objects that can be purchased in the physical world. But for now, we'll have to wait because the video game will be released at the end of 2022 on The Sandbox platform powered by Meta Development Agency.

Crosby Studios, founded by the artist in 2014, ranges from commercial spaces, objects and fashion collaborations inspired by minimalist philosophy that is accentuated by geometry. To add to the experience of Web-3 Café, the public will be able to enjoy the functional café, which will serve SCEN snacks for vegans and coffee made from freshly roasted beans for the caffeine addicts. This is just an appetizer because the main plate entering the metaverse world that Harry Nuriev has created.
Explore Harry Nuriev’s pop-up installation Web-3 Café until April 4, at Galerie Charraudeau, 3 Rue Bonaparte, in Paris, from Tuesday to Sunday, 10 am – 6 pm.
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