Having overcome many obstacles in a long-distance race guided by self-improvement, a passion for music and constant work, Harloe has established herself as one of the fundamental figures of the current creative scene. From the almost one hundred million plays that her single All This Love with Robin Schulz, to her most personal and intimate songs like Liquid Truth, which she now unveils along with a music video in which textures and attitude stand out. An impressive vocal quality that makes this creator an artist with her own identity.
Self-produced and co-written with Jesse Saint John (Charlie XCX, Lizzo, Kim Petras), this new single comes from an upcoming EP with which the singer opens a new chapter in her career. And it is that since she approached music for the first time being only a child, in an environment in which this creative discipline was very present, she stood out for her natural talent and her working capacity. She started writing her own songs and posting videos on YouTube, as a result of the curiosity that she had shown since she was very young. Little by little, she was gaining confidence and forging her unique personality, strong and resilient, necessary in a sector as difficult as the music industry.

“It’s not about giving a fuck if I fall, but more about how I’m going to pick myself back up,” explains Harloe, who was also a victim of the promises of the big record labels and emerged stronger from this experience. Having known the wheels of the industry and aware of the importance of surrounding herself with a loyal and friendly community, she now releases her new single, Liquid Truth. Quite a statement of intent with which she sets aside her expectations and she is determined to have a good time.