With major brand collaborations on her name, it was only a matter of time until London-born photographer Harley Weir got her own solo exhibition. Without judging, her work crosses boundaries, but she also makes them disappear. The main goal of the photographer is to move people. It doesn’t really matter what emotion she evokes, as long as it does something with the viewer —a difficult aim in a time like this, where we are confronted with a great offer of different images on a daily basis. 
Yet still, in this overload of imagery, Harley Weir manages to grasp your attention. Where other photographers keep a ‘safe’ distance, Harley’s point of view is from up close, resulting in intimate images that show an eye for detail. She has an ongoing obsession with youth and captures intriguing personalities. All images of the exhibition are made with an analog camera, reinforcing the feeling that draws you into her photographs. The exhibition is like a visual poem, still leaving space for interpretation, and can be seen at FOAM until the 19th of February 2017.
Unpublished June 2016 C Harley Weir.jpg
Unpublished June, 2016 © Harley Weir
I D Magazine Fall 2015 C Harley Weir.jpg
i-D Magazine Fall, 2015 © Harley Weir
Baron Magazine 2013 C Harley Weir.jpg
Baron Magazine, 2013 © Harley Weir