With the ultimate goal of paying tribute to her best friend Jillian who passed away in January, Los Angeles indie pop rock singer Halo Kitsch today releases her debut EP, with You (In Mind). A project with which she has turned all her challenges into hopes by narrating her story and her friend’s. And the story of many others, of course. The six-track stigma-shattering EP tackles subjects such as addiction, substance abuse, codependency, sexuality, depression, and loss. Very important topics that put aside the trends and the search for virality so present in the current music industry and remind us of what is truly important.
“From top to bottom, it tells her story of her, and mine, and the story of anyone struggling with substance abuse. But it brings up addiction without glorifying drugs – and that is a perspective our society desperately needs to hear,” explains the singer when we ask her about her new release, with You (In Mind). A work that has only been possible through her own sobriety, as she tells us, and in which mental health plays a very important role. “It seems we as a community can't manage to bring drugs up into conversation without making them look just a little bit cool. This EP does the opposite of that,” she adds.

Since she fell in love with the piano from a very young age, Halo Kitsch has continued to find freedom in music by being her outlet through it all. She is now moving away from popularity and trends to honour her best friend Jillian who passed away in early 2022. with You (In Mind) is written by Halo, and produced by Ben Zelico. “This project took on something more important after Jill died,” says the artist, opening up emotionally with all her followers. Music has been her lifeline in a way.
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