Ever since we first witnessed how a show like Euphoria managed to not only change the game of visual art on television but also become a cultural phenomenon, thanks in part to the now-iconic makeup looks that showcased each character’s personality, loyal fans have been craving something like this and now the time has come. Donni Davy, the Emmy award-winner makeup artist and creative mind behind these looks, today launches her first makeup brand Half Magic Beauty, with the support of A24 studio and the creators of Euphoria. The excitement doesn’t stop here, because this makeup line aims to transcend beyond the show.
It's impossible not to think of Euphoria when we see glitter, face gems or metallic eye shadows. The looks from the show have gone so viral on social media that they have become a much-needed cultural reset, as makeup has finally been given the importance it deserves in art and cinematography. With the support of film and television studio A24, who have previously worked with makeup artist Donni Davy on other projects such as the Academy award-winning film Moonlight, and the creators of Euphoria, the Half Magic Beauty brand goes much further, emphasising the eyes as the central axis of the line. We find eyeliners and also highlighters or face gems, everything you need to create a glamorous makeup, but also a more discreet one for the day, and that's where the magic lies. Watch their first teaser featuring celebrities such as playwright Jeremy O. Harris or singer Sasami to get to see what kind of looks you can try and recreate!