Many collections are about female strength and power, however, not many designers manage to actually succeed in bringing across this message. The H&M Studio A/W 2016 collection that just went on sale is one of the few to successfully express this female energy through style.
An interesting contrast of materials and strong tailoring illustrates the beauty and diversity of the independent female character. Thick, double-breasted wool coats are interspersed by thin, soft and glamourised velvet dresses. The oversized shoulders and fitted waist create an hourglass shape to highlight femininity even more.

Staying true to the brand’s Swedish heritage, they included folkloric blouses and long sheer dresses printed with the Swedish lynx. H&M Studio enables women with this collection to look strong and romantic at the same time. Don’t be shy to combine those cowboy boots with silk fabrics, or level up a basic outfit with the essential crisp white shirts that have exaggerated sleeves and are combined with high-cut pants that fall over the feet.

Not often does a brand manage to convince you of the feeling of confidence and independency that wearing their clothes will bring you, but when it comes to the well-worked out concept of the H&M Studio AW16 collection, we can only agree when creative advisor Ann-Sofie Johansson says; “It’s very elevated, and also very real”.
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