Gucci Vault is the Italian House's newest digital platform ready to take on the world. It is a portal to new worlds: a coexisting space with combines the past, present and future in order to amplify in every single way the online shopping experience. In Creative Director Alessandro Michele's own words: “Vault, is the place where wonders will hybridise and come together, giving life to new creations. Gucci’s greatest gift, in the end, is to never stay the same; to never grow old.”
This initiative offers exclusive vintage and second-hand pieces, accessories and objects selected by Alessandro Michele and the artisans of the House, as well as a series of customised and refurbished pieces from past collections. Alongside, we can also find creations by promising designers from their current collections: Ahluwalia, Bianca Saunders, Boramy Viguier, Charles de Vilmorin, Collina Strada, Cormio, Gui Rosa, Jordanluca, Rave Review, Rui Zhou, Shanel Campbell, Stefan Cooke, and Yueqi Qi. A place where you can find everything Gucci, through their clothing, and everything Gucci loves, through their protegés' items.

This is a continuation of the collections presented through GucciFest on November 2020, which sparked a series of conversations that challenged the notions of fashion. Most of the vintage-inspired garments are actually already sold out, yet, do not fret, as there will be more items presented throughout the year through drops. This means that there will eternally be exclusive items on this innovative platform.

We're living in times where almost everything has been invented, and Gucci knows it. Michele's newest project converges different fields, giving us everything we ever needed – in his words, it is “a space for expressive, aesthetic, and social contaminations.” It is almost like a box full of trinkets, of bits and bobs that encompass the world of Gucci. Again, as the Creative Director says, it uses “the most befitting medium of our time – a place where all of us can go – the Web. And there, we concocted a laboratory; a mine of ideas, oddities, and unlikely encounters, considering that Gucci is a platform for gatherings of characters who seemingly have nothing in common.”

In a world full of collaborations, this is the ultimate collaborative fashion project, it is beyond that. It is a place where different visions meet through fashion conversations. As Michele explains. “Gucci’s greatest gift, in the end, is to never stay the same; to never grow old.”