‘Wherever the wind blows’ reads a cardboard-made sign on the hands of one of the most fashionable hitchhikers we’ve ever seen. Dressed in a seemingly impossible combination of patterns, colours, and textures, and with mask-like sunglasses, he’s part of Gucci’s new campaign for its sunglasses collection, a sun-soaked series of images featuring a group of young people waiting on the side of the road to get picked up by a stranger.
To present the Spring/Summer 2019 sunglasses collection, the Italian house has travelled to the United States. There, on an endless road in the middle of nowhere, three people patiently wait for new adventures as if they were Jack Kerouac or Hunter S Thompson. But they can fight the blinding light thanks to their big sunglasses, a series of oversized vintage-inspired pieces embellished with cut-out motifs, gold finishings and particular spoiler details, enriched with the gold Gucci-logoed plaque. Who doesn’t dare to hit the road when you wear them?
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Gucci Sunglasses Metalmagazine 1.jpg
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