From a hilarious – and even absurd – approach, Max Siedentopf captures the new #accidentalinfluencer campaign for Gucci. The Italian house is releasing new models of the original Gucci Tennis 1977, a casual shoe that is now reinvented and updated with new materials and prints.
Featuring clone-looking groups of people ranging from old ladies having breakfast on a bar’s terrace to hippie-inspired, long-haired young men in velvet trousers and printed jumpers, the campaign is as fun as it could get. Taking the original shoe model, Gucci is now releasing updated versions in various colours (cream, sky blue or navy), monograms (in blue or beige, for example, or even one featuring Mickey Mouse and another will illustrations of cherries), all of them with the house’s characteristic green-and-red or navy-and-red stripes on the side. Scroll down to see the entire campaign and deepen into Gucci’s universe via Instagram, TikTok or the Gucci app, where they’re releasing exclusive content.
Gucci Tenni S18.jpg
Gucci Tenni S3.jpg
Gucci Tenni S9.jpg
Gucci Tenni S2.jpg
Gucci Tenni S6.jpg
Gucci Tenni S5.jpg
Gucci Tennis.jpg
Gucci Tenni S22.jpg
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