Amidst Gucci’s ever-evolving path of reinterpretation, we’ve now reached a point where home design assumes a central role, enveloped in red and nestled within some very green rooms. Curated by creative director Sabato De Sarno with co-curation by Michela Pelizzari, Gucci Design Ancora is an immersive exhibition that brings together five iconic pieces, revamped and showcased at their flagship store in Milan.
The exhibiting concept was conceived by Spanish architect Guillermo Santomà, and the pieces on display represent the zenith of Italian design, emphasising the deep-rooted relationship between designers and brands, craftsmanship, and industrial production. Nestled within expanses of curved and green-hued rooms, each piece emerges anew, bathed in the ‘Rosso Ancora’ red hue, one handpicked by De Sarno to inaugurate Gucci’s resurgence. Within this very green yet oddly inviting environment, each piece stands alone, echoing an idea rather than a commodity.
“If we had put the objects all together, we would have created a living room. Instead, we decided to remove the boundaries given by how we use the objects and create a sort of limbo,” explains Guillermo Santomà, who is known for a multidisciplinary approach merging design, architecture, sculpture, and scenography, “Floating objects don’t have meaning or a function. They are just shape, materiality, colour.”
There’s hardly any need for persuasion to draw one to explore this display, and resistance appears futile. Now hosted at their Milan flagship store on via Monte Napoleone, 7 and live up until April 21st, enthusiasts can also indulge in a special edition of these objects within easy reach on Gucci’s online store!