Mark your calendars, fashion enthusiasts. Because next May 13, Gucci will be unveiling its Cruise 2025 collection at London’s Tate Modern. With Sabato de Sarno at the helm of the Italian House, this will be the Creative Director’s first Cruise show, so the stakes are high. Bridging Gucci’s identity with the British city’s strong cultural offer, praise for self-expression, and a penchant for individuality, this new collection will keep cementing de Sarno’s vision for the luxury house.
Gucci’s Creative Director is a confessed London lover; he’s travelled many times to the city, which he finds deeply inspiring. The wide variety of artistic and architectural proposals that continuously flood it has rooted in de Sarno’s creative imaginary. Thus, he aims to present his first Cruise collection surrounded by a building (more like an institution really) that he’s fond of.
Also, as part of the Italian House’s commitment to generating a positive impact in culturally significant locations and the communities that inhabit them, the House is pleased to announce its sponsorship of the Electric Dreams exhibition, set to open in autumn this year, as well as a three-year partnership aimed at furthering the Tate’s support for young creatives.