Since GRIPPA released the music video for her latest release, Fish, a week ago coinciding with Valentine's Day, has got almost 350,000 streams. Quite an achievement for the sixteen-year-old pop artist who is ready to introduce us to her debut EP in 2023. Directed by One Call Productions and Jessica Iliana, this new single is one of the songs she’s ever made she most enjoyed and had fun with. This is part of her Is That Her? EP, which is a six song collection about the phases of a breakup.
“I come from an Italian family, and the term ‘sleeping with the fish’ means you're gonna die. The producer YX and I played around with this idea that I killed off my ex and now he's sleeping with the fishes and YX added upbeat production to make it danceable,” says GRIPPA when asked about the meaning behind Her new release, with words and music by Roberto Diaz JR and Isabella Grippa. “Different now / I know you can’t see that I ’m different now / I walk around not having any doubts / Your insecurity was way too loud,” sings the artist in her new single.

With almost fifty thousand monthly listeners on Spotify, the artist is capable of transforming the ordinary into the unexpected and seeks to inspire those who hear it to embrace their own unique voice. “It was a blast to create a music video with One Call Productions showing this literal interpretation of the dark story complete with bright, funky outfits to match the production with a twist at the end,” adds GRIPPA, who promises to continue surprising her fans with new releases in 2023.