Opening with the image of an artsy doll made by the Popovy Sisters, the music video for Violence, the new song by Grimes and i_o, sets the tone for the rest of the piece. After releasing the first single of her fifth album, titled Miss_Anthropocene, whose release date is yet to be confirmed, the futurist singer keeps pushing the boundaries and presents her personal take on what the future will look like.
Made in collaboration with deadmau5 protégé i_o, Violence is as ethereal as the Iris Van Herpen dress in which Grimes stars. With a Greek-inspired building made of immaculate white marble as the backdrop, Claire Boucher – the artist’s birth name – and her dancers move around to the lyrics, which talk about a sort of masochist relationship – “You wanna pay me bad, pay me back / Said I like it like that, said I like it like that”.
Grimes I O Violence.jpg