Sometimes the more minimalistic and uncomplicated melodies are the ones that can carry a more honest and relatable story to the listeners, and the new single by Greyson Chance is a good example of this. With a tender piano ballad called Rearview Mirror, the artist reflects on himself and his life up until this point, where patience has been key to taking him where he is now.
The piano is the perfect instrument to connect with our emotions on a personal level. It instantly takes us on a deep introspective process where we can manage to understand who we truly are in an easier and more compelling way. Greyson Chance uses it with expertise to construct the background melody to his equally moving lyrics for Rearview Mirror. This song is the result of a long process of learning and discovering what he really wanted to convey as an artist and trying to find a sound that defined him well and that he could feel proud of. This single is the perfect outcome of that journey.
“Writing Rearview Mirror has ultimately been a study in patience. I’ve made a lot of music in the past year, trying as an artist to make something that felt bigger than me, and I pushed myself a lot. It took a while to trust the process and to believe I could do it. Rearview Mirror is the first song to come of a very inward chapter in my career, and I am grateful now to have taken the time to make something I’m very proud of” says Chance
The singer-songwriter talent is made manifest in this piece that sounds polished and refined but also honest and raw, sometimes closer to a tale or a story than to an actual song, which speaks well about his lyrical abilities. This single follows the release of his third studio album, Palladium, which has signified for him not only millions of streams but also a more respected place in the industry. With a personal sound leaning into indie pop style, we can't wait to see what the Oklahoma native brings us next.