Following the release of All Done, GRAYtheband unveils the hauntingly sexy and cathartic 'Bit Late. The Edmonton-based alternative, neo-soul, R&B project fronted by multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Gray Ford and a cast of rotating artists, now presents the second track off the upcoming album, which features rapper K-Riz, with the lyrics capturing the allure and comfort of love in the face of anger with the world. This is a new sneak peek of his upcoming debut album, All Done.
This just-released track, Bit Late, features K-Riz, showcasing the addition of hip-hop to Ford's signature sound. The collaboration between both artists results in a very balanced and well-executed exciting combination and shines a light on how sometimes our emotions can become overwhelming and we're left feeling. "Ooh I'm, feeling so violent, ooh I, think that I'm crying [...] why can't it be love? Baby that we're tripping on, tell me," sings Ford.

Resulting from traditional instrumentation mingling with modern production, GRAYtheband forms an unfiltered yet refined take on the genre and continues to receive very good feedback from the audience. “Omg y’all really brought the smooth heat on this track,” or “I’m listening right now for the third time, absolutely amazing! I can't wait to see you performing this song!” are some of the comments that the musical project fans have shared about this latest release. With an overarching theme of love and disparity, the album will resonate with listeners from all walks of life as we navigate this world, conquering the ups and downs.