Female empowerment is the starting point of the work of Los Angeles-based songstress Grace Kay, who brings that passion into her music and her songwriting, which tends to centre around the women in her life and the influences they've had on her. She is now releasing her new single, Open, via Trailing Twelve Records, which is an electrifying pop anthem with a message of encouragement and expanding one's horizons. A song about freedom, self-determination and the inner power that we all have in us.
Inspired by a close female friend and the power of women, her new release reminds her (and all her audience) of the value of oneself, the opportunity that we should all give ourselves to try new experiences and leave our comfort zone to grow as human beings. “I started writing this song to encourage a close friend of mine to be more open to life experiences like travel, trying new careers, and just giving herself a chance… at life!” comments the artist, who worked with her creative partner, Los Angeles-based producer, Jynjo aka Austin Foley, to create the soundscape of Open.

Having released singles like Here and play, freedom was the premise on which Grace Kay built Open. “I wanted the song to feel as open and free as it could as well, so the song begins with this beautiful pad constructed from my vocals, consisting of open fourths and fifths. Austin created them from my vocal stems!” she adds. Now, her personal sound consisting of refined and punchy synth-pop production, syncopated rhythms, and lush vocal textures, goes one step further after achieving a perfect balance between her undeniable musical talent and the meaning her songs contain.