American indie-rock band Gossip are back after eleven years with their beautiful new single Crazy Again, a light electro-pop love song, and the announcement of their sixth studio album, Real Power. Still comprised of the original lineup of vocalist Beth Ditto, guitarist Nathan ‘Brace Paine’ Howdeshell, and drummer Hannah Blilie, the band return to us with the same power and energy they have always harnessed.

Crazy Again
traces the journey through the euphoria that accompanies being deeply in love and finding solace in that connection. The song captures this fervent sincerity and ecstatic energy that engulf you when you discover someone whose presence not only provides love but also a sense of security. With its dynamic textures and building melody, Crazy Again beautifully encapsulates the essence of this emotion in musical form. Beyond its euphoric resonance, the track serves as a captivating fusion of pop and rock, reminding us exactly why Gossip were such a hit in the ‘00s — their ability to capture the urgency of emotion sets them apart, and they do it with inimitable style.
The accompanying music video for the single captures the band’s style and humour so perfectly. The video superimposes the track’s sincerity and emotion over this provocative narrative of freedom and escapism. Beth Ditto’s character begins the video in a grimy bathroom, before stepping into the polished studio to give a weather report. The focus then shifts to a naked Pink Lady immersed in a wild house party, who catches sight of the news in the background. Inspired, the Pink Lady climbs out the window and embraces the world with abandon, sprinting down the street and the highway – in her newfound freedom, she navigates the world on her terms. Her journey ultimately takes her to Ditto’s character, who she hits to wake her up from the monotonous daydream she seems to be living. In waking up, Ditto finds herself on stage performing with Gossip, exactly where she belongs.
Produced either side of pandemic, their sixth album Real Power is set for release in March 2024, produced by industry giant Rick Rubin after working with the band on their 2009 hit album Music for Men. Rubin is said to have been the voice of us all in encouraging the band to reunite and start recording again in celebration of the album’s 10th anniversary. Having disbanded since their fifth studio album in 2012, A Joyful Noise, this announcement signals the start of a new era for Gossip looking forward – to healing and to celebrating. We can only hope Real Power gives us more anthemic tracks, just like this one.
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