There is something about Gnewzy’s music that soothes one’s soul. Perhaps it’s his voice, which is soft and melodic, or perhaps it’s the production of his songs, so clean and thought-out. But there’s definitely something special about it. Today, he gifts the world another track, titled Maneuver, featuring illustrious Afrobeat rapper and hit-maker Odumodu Blvck, which gives it a contrasting note that makes it a well-balanced work. Have a listen!
We all know life’s not easy, but some people’s lives are harder than others’. Gnewzy, born Emuemu Oghala Goodnews, knows about that very well. The artist was kidnapped in April after a concert in Delta State, Nigeria, the place where he was born and raised. After weeks of captivity, he was finally released on May 4th, making headlines on local news outlets. And just a couple of weeks later, the singer-songwriter releases Maneuver, a testament to his resilience, strength, and willingness to overcome any obstacle that comes his way – even if that obstacle was a kidnapping that risked his physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.
In his latest single, which follows other recent releases this year including Incoming and Sneakers, Gnewzy continues to craft his sound through beautiful melodies and impeccable vocals. Exploring the limits of Afrobeat, he also invites Odumodu Blvck to include a brilliant rap verse that makes a stark contrast. But far from contradictory, the result is highly complementary and compatible, giving the song a perfect balance between hard bars and chilled, dreamy melodies. The song is accompanied by a visualiser not to be missed.