Explore the remarkable journey of Bogdan Vysotcky, founder of Siberian-based fashion brand Glumkimberly, and discover its mission to create simple yet thoughtful designs using vintage fabrics. When we think of Siberia, fashion isn't the first thing that comes to our mind. However, for Vysotcky, fashion is a an escape away from the harsh realities of his upbringing in the outback of a Siberian village. “There were few beautiful things in the place where I lived,” he says. “The town was poor, and the people in it too.” But even in the depths of winter, with temperatures plummeting to minus thirty degrees, Vysotcky dreamed of something more. “I wanted to see beautiful clothes on myself and on my close friends.”
Glumkimberly tells a story of free days away from the farm, spending time with friends, and playing dress up: “One depressive snowy Siberian evening I was sitting outside in the dark, and the idea came to me that I would live only with the purpose to learn to sew and create my own brand of sad dresses.” And that's exactly what he did. In 2018, Vysotcky founded Glumkimberly, a fashion brand that tells the story of his upbringing in Siberia, with its harsh realities and its moments of beauty and hope. The brand's name, Glumkimberly, is a combination of two words that perfectly capture its ethos: glum, which means gloomy, and kimberly, which suggests something that is both beautiful and resilient.

Glumkimberly's designs offer a unique blend of old-world charm and modern sensibilities. The brand's use of vintage fabrics and intricate detailing evoke a sense of nostalgia vividly present throughout their latest campaign images. Photographed in his hometown, rural Siberia, the collection shines for its simple silhouettes and grunge soul which keep the designs feeling fresh and contemporary. While Vysotcky’s encapsulates his mood and personality through the use of dark hues and muted colours, he shines optimism for Glumkimberly through the incorporation of a bright vivid pink and red frilled tops with thoughtful and intricate details. The use of vintage fabrics adds an extra layer of texture and depth to the garments making truly unique and melancholic pieces which complement his upbringing. “I get inspiration from social isolation (...) While creating clothes, I immerse myself in a locked apartment in which I create an atmospheric interior, the one that pushes me to create garments.” While Vysotcky's upbringing in Siberia has deeply influenced his design aesthetic, the resulting clothing is undeniably beautiful and thought-provoking.

After all, what makes Glumkimberly unique is not just its aesthetic, but also its mission. “Living in Russia, the chances of success are reduced by a thousand times,” Vysotcky says. “Glumkimberly is made of the collected materials from every possible place, everything is dead stock or vintage.” This commitment to sustainability and ethical production is at the heart of the brand. Still, Glumkimberly is more than just your average fashion brand. It's a reflection of Vysotcky's upbringing and his values. “The value that Glumkimberly wants to convey is the simplicity and thoughtfulness of silhouettes, the dedication to making quality products not only on the outside but also on the inside,” he explains. “When I think of the Glumkimberly culture, I think of mowed empty fields, dark wood furniture, old houses with blank white walls, about unfamiliar girls, old bedding, very long hair, beautiful but strange dresses, the sound of branches cracking under your feet as you walk through the woods, ingenious details you don't notice at first, frozen fields, yellow lights, a farm that taught me how to work and love.”

Glumkimberly is a brand that tells a story of a place and a people that are often forgotten, but through fashion, Vysotcky is bringing their beauty and resilience to the world. When asked about the future of Glumkimberly, Vysotcky believes that he’ll be wherever he needs to be. “Most likely you will meet her on a frozen forest trail when you will be walking back home.”
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