Just 3 weeks away from releasing their new full-length record Ghosts via Kommerz Records, which will be unveiled on August 26, Glenn Astro and Hulk Hodn now drop another double release, Café Metropol and Brappo. A new release in which they continue to explore synthesised soundscapes and numerous collaborations with young talent from all over the world, and is one more clue as to where their new work is headed, which will see the light very soon. Special mention should be made to the collaboration with the multidisciplinary artist Gal Go, one of King Krule's main collaborators on the award-winning album The Ooz.
Having been connected through a long-lasting musical friendship, the visions of Glenn Astro and Hulk Hodn have many points in common, but preserve their differences. And it is precisely in the different aspects where they find a way to create together and build joint projects, achieving formulas that they would not have reached separately. From Astro's ability to bridge the gaps between ambient, hip-hop, techno and bass to Hodn's consolidation as a German underground hip-hop legend. The second single, Brappo, offers smooth yet funky hip-hop instrumental with a shuffled drum loop and spacy synth work.

The duo combines different instruments, revealing their extensive musical knowledge and their respect for this profession not missing experimentation. With their Detroit-inspired house releases, they gained wider recognition by critics and listeners alike. However, they've never been one-dimensional artists, and they continue to make the musical tandem a perfect gear with which to continue surprising their fans. Stay tuned because their new full-length record, Ghosts, will be released on August 26.