Glassio’s new EP, Will You Still Come Back Tomorrow?, is not like many others. Formed by four tracks, three of them are actually ‘the same’ – well, not quite. It’s three different versions of the same song, the one that gives the EP its title, but with very different moods and productions: the main one, the Melatonin Version (both featuring the talented singer Rodes Rollins and alternative bedroom pop duo, Mumble Tide), and the 5am Version, with just Glassio’s stripped vocals. And then, an ethereal interlude, The World Goes Spinning On, which also taps Sam Tabasi.
Now that people are reviewing the past months’s ‘best of’ (films, albums, songs, moments, etc.), it’s a good moment to reflect on the past. Glassio does precisely so with this heartfelt EP, where he sings about “what we have lost and what we still have.” Even though there are three different versions of the song Will You Still Come Back Tomorrow?, they’re thought out as a complete work. It starts with the first version, described as “the boisterous, beckoning and anthemic promise to change,” followed by the Melatonin Version that is “the lonely, Tuesday night journal entry wishing things hadn’t fallen apart.” Then, it’s time for The World Goes Spinning On, an enigmatic, ethereal track that represents “the realisation of how small your problems are in the world, and how fleeting life is,” only to finish with the 5am Version, “the last breath of missing someone before finally moving on.”
Based in Brooklyn, Glassio’s project has garnered millions of streams on all platforms thanks to his detail-oriented production, dreamy soundscapes, and the mix of “wistful melodies and harmonies with brooding dance beats.” The project of Sam R., who grew up between Sharjah in the Middle East and Monterey in California, is influenced by Brit pop, chamber pop, new wave, or Brian Wilson, as well as his unique upbringing in desert landscapes.