If a group of individuals is requested to picture a typical, mainstream lesbian party, chances are big that most people will think of the same stereotype. However, with a new generation of queer women looking for something different than the mass media approach of lesbianism, there is a need for contemporary ways to celebrate the freedom of expression. That is exactly what you can find in Brussels from November 18 to 20.
Girls Heart Brussels is an initiative from Visit Brussels, and is therefore linked to the city. The capital city of Belgium has a thriving male gay scene, mostly centered on clubbing, but people tend to forget the many great women that are raised and/or work there, especially from the arts & culture context. Inviting you by offering an interesting weekend package deal, this event is aiming to show that Brussels is more than a place just to party, they embrace these strong and inspiring women and made a program around that.

For each edition, Girls Love Brussels partners up with an already happening event. The 4th edition is in collaboration with Pink Screens, a queer film festival celebrating alternative sexualities and genders – a perfect match to team up with. Jessica Gysel, initiator of the event, talks about the highlight of the weekend, “The performance You Sad Legend by Wu Tsang and Boychild is really a unique happening, as they’ve never performed in Brussels before. It’s a real special opportunity.”

When we asked Jessica about the idea behind the event, she said, “I wanted something edgy, with a modern look & feel and tone of voice, celebrating women of all backgrounds. The idea is really to be open, and bring something more cultural and fun to the typical LGBT world.” Girls Love Brussels is different from other events, because they don’t focus only on lesbian women; “we try to make something that’s more open (feminist, women-empowering, queer), and hopefully also a bit more opinionated and culture-based, which surpasses just the partying level.”
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