Giorgio Celin, the Colombian-born painter who has lived abroad between Naples and Barcelona is presenting his first solo exhibition in London. Las olas (The waves) on display at Eve Leibe Gallery until June 17 – yet you can check out the virtual show too – and it is a follow-up to Celin’s previous show, Pájaros del Atlántico. Both shows deal with themes of travel and inner discussions which are explored through the preferred medium of oil painting.
The ocean and sea are meaningful motifs to the artist. Celin has said in regards to the show's theme, “The vision of the sea reminds us of time and the very experience of life through time, due to its mutability and instability that coexist with its constancy and repetitiveness (...) Its depth and instability are also symbols of human hearts, capable of harbouring a vast range of feelings and emotions.”

Various emotions are explored in Las olas such as love, longing, betrayal, joy. The intent behind the paintings and the namesake leads to the idea that emotions are like waves, fighting them is futile. The preeminent way to navigate them is to feel as much as you can, let them come over you and pass. The artist helps answer the questions within himself by painting scenarios which contemplate passion and where that leads us. The subjects either appear to be entangled in romantic liaisons, or involve singular subjects evoking a sense of self contemplation.

Celin has stated that all of his works are self-portraits. Though as a whole or individually each painting can easily resonate with viewers. The beauty in the show is that the emotions brought forth evoke familiar sentiments of discovery, intimacy, isolation and heartbreak. Visitors will also notice the representation of Indigenous and African bodies as part of the Latinx population which helps further to convey experiences of solitude, and triumph in the paintings. It is of importance to Celin to regain space and break down stereotypes.
Giorgio Celin's solo exhibition Las Olas is on display for one week only at Eve Leibe Gallery in London until June 17, however, there is also virtual 360 degree exhibition.
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