“These five songs represent everything that I’ve experienced over the last few years,” says Giift, who is about to carve out her own laid-back sound of R&B and neo-soul with the release of her debut EP, Archives. Five tracks that hide five personal stories that now, having put them in order and having decided to share them with her audience, come to light. “It’s about falling in love, falling out of love, loving yourself and everything in between,” says the artist, who was always clear that she wanted to dedicate herself to music, about her new release. This is just the first chapter of a story that has just started.
From Fed Up, the striking lead single by Giift released on her 18th birthday earlier this year - which already has over fifty thousand views on Spotify - to Clear Your Name, Take Off, Me Time and Back Luck. The five songs that we find in this new EP are the result of the different emotions experienced by the young artist, who grew up with her dad being a musician and a great inspiration for her. “Music is a very impulsive thing to me. It happens in bits and pieces – as quick melodies or guitar parts and sounds recorded on my phone – and the actual song comes alive mostly during night time till early in the morning,” Giift tells.

The sound that she now presents us with is full of nuances and creates an enveloping acoustic atmosphere that traps us. But the most interesting thing is that far from what it may seem, Archives began along with the artista basada en Dinamarca progressing and developing as a producer but long before she even knew where she was headed on her musical journey. “There’s a personal story behind every lyric, top to bottom, and so, it was natural for me to list them in order of when I experienced what and in the order of the emotions I was going through.”
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