Gia Woods is releasing her new and heartfelt song Somebody Else's Baby today, which will be part of her upcoming EP, titled Your Engine, launching on October 25th. This song joins her series of releases in 2023, which includes hits like Heartbreak Radio, Elevation, and Gia Would. These tracks, released during the summer, highlight Gia's versatility in energetic, rhythmic, and artistically expressive tracks. They explore themes related to desire, love, and authenticity, which are at the core of her upcoming EP, combining pop rhythms with clever lyrics full of personal meaning and hypnotic electronic touches.
The artist gained recognition in 2016 with her debut single, Only a Girl, a bold anthem in which she expressed her identity as a lesbian. Throughout her career, she has embraced different musical styles, from pop to electronic and electropop. She is a prominent advocate for LGBTQ+ rights who has used her voice to promote equality and inclusion. Additionally, she is a pioneer in releasing music on the exclusive TikTok platform known as SoundOn+.

Somebody Else's Baby reflects the feeling of having lost someone who loved you because you didn't know how to take care of that person. Written from the grief of ending a relationship, this ballad shows us a sincere and remorseful Gia desperately begging for a second chance. The artist reveals that this song is the most emotional on her new EP. With a tone of apology, the lyrics speak of someone who treated her with the love, maturity, and care that everyone desires, but at that time, she was dealing with mental health challenges that prevented her from returning all that affection she was receiving. When she finally tried to work on the relationship, it was already too late.

The song begins with gentle ethereal synthesizers that quickly blend with a somber yet decisive rhythm. It is highly dynamic and juxtaposes the themes of loss and regret that it explores. This fusion is presented seamlessly, turning the song into an explosion of emotion and sadness that invites those who relate to it to sing and experience it on an emotional level.