“I’ve got something to tell you / I don’t know how it will make you feel / Some kind of truth that I can’t conceal anymore,” sings beautifully Margaux Sauvé aka Ghostly Kisses in her new single, Golden Eyes. The Quebecois singer and songwriter’s ethereal voice transports us to another world through her enchanting tone and lyrics.
Co-produced by George Fitzgerald, Golden Eyes is the third single of the French-Canadian singer this year. Earlier in January, she surprised her listeners with a deluxe version of her debut album from 2022, Heaven, Wait, which included a remix together with several instrumental versions of songs like Carry Me and Heartbeat. And since June, she’s been releasing new music for her avid fans, including Comme un saule and Oublier, all of which blend seamlessly her ethereal voice with very rich melodies that combine electronic production with classical instruments.
In Golden Eyes, her new song out today (together with an instrumental version), Ghostly Kisses keeps building her strong and easily recognisable musical identity, which seems to trascend the physical realm and take us to the land of dreams and fantasies. She sings to someone she loves and tells all about how much she’d do for that person. “Nobody knows that I’m here for you / Just say the word and I’ll be with you / Golden eyes to be with you / Golden eyes, I’ll shine for you,” the lyrics say.
In addition to releasing new music, Ghostly Kisses is also currently on tour. Later this month, she’s set to play in Istanbul, Düsseldorf, and also Pitchfork’s festival in Berlin, to later continue on in other cities like Reykjavik.