Recognising a song is one thing, but making it your own is another. It’s trendy these days to put your spin on classic tunes, but not everyone can truly make it unique. Gerle has managed to do just that with I Want You Back, her new single but originally sung by era-defining boy band NSYNC.
Her musical odyssey began in a nomadic childhood, touring alongside her mother, where her innate talent melded with her experiences to shape her distinctive musicality and artistry. As she matured, music became her sanctuary, offering solace for solitude and a canvas for catharsis. Gerle masterfully employs her craft to explore themes of heartbreak, truth, and love in her compelling creations. It was probably during one of those extended road trips when she first came across I Want You Back by NSYNC, which she covers as her latest release.
A synthesizer and minimalist drums are enough to turn this hit into a ballad that caresses and accompanies you on the walk of shame after a breakup. Like a siren’s voice, Gerle keeps your emotions on the surface for three minutes and nine seconds, which feel too short. Sometimes, all you need is a soothing voice and a familiar song to shed a few tears… “Tell me what to do now? When I want you back”.