Gareth Dunlop has released a new single called I Don’t Feel You, a deeply personal anthem about moving on from his ex. Yet instead of a sad breakup song, this is definitely a track you’re meant to dance to. It just adds to the mounting hype for his upcoming album, Welcome to the House of I Don’t Know, which is out on June 14th.
Gareth Dunlop is a pop singer and songwriter from Belfast, Ireland, who has made a name for himself through his heartfelt and vulnerable music. His songs have been included in a number of hit TV series and movies like This is Us, Love Island, and The Best of Me, and he has been named Record Of The Day’s Ones To Watch for 2024. His single released earlier this month, Church, will also be included on the new album and acts as a powerful testament to his worldly devotion and faith. With two singles from the album released, fans are already loving his soft and powerful sound that is emanating through this new work, and he is sure to be on the rise this year.
I Don’t Feel You cuts deep into the realm of Dunlop’s vulnerable thoughts and emotions, however, it isn’t the sad and emotional that many may think. The song is bouncy and upbeat, and the sound builds up into an uplifting and rhythmic chorus that will make anyone want to start dancing. Although the song is about his ex, he sings about the joyful feeling of finally being over them and not feeling the pain of the breakup anymore. The music video that accompanies the song shows Dunlop smiling as he jumps out of bed and goes about his day as happy and single, while at the end he joyfully makes himself a nice dinner and has a dance party alone.
“I’m empty of your love / The well is finally dry,” he sings. Dunlop’s feelings are made very clear in this song that he is no longer attached to someone that isn’t meant for him, which is more than enough reason to celebrate. So go forget about your ex and have a dance party with Dunlop while he sings about the joy of being single, I Don’t Feel You is out today.