Amidst so much innovation, new technologies, and increasingly extravagant proposals, it never hurts to look back, learn about the foundations of the industry, and appreciate its evolution. This is what the brand Gant intends to do with its new travelling archive exhibition that will reach various parts of the world, which is on view starting from today in New York until February 26th at Gant Studio, and will travel to cities such as London and Paris in the spring. With this exhibition they want to celebrate its legacy through the exaltation of archive pieces that build a timeline of both the brand and the world in which it develops.
When a brand has been in the industry for almost 70 years, the impact and influence it must have had to remain relevant to this day is unquestionable, reflecting the brand's ability to adapt and sometimes the effectiveness of a timeless style that persists over time. This is the case of Gant, which since its founding in New Haven in 1949 by Bernard Gantmacher, has been one of the most prominent sportswear brands in history, making a great contribution especially to the preppy style, characterised by legendary garments such as varsity jackets, private club jackets, and vintage shirts.

Christopher Bastin, the current Creative Director, is aware of the brand's impact on the industry and on the consumer, in his own words: “When I joined GANT in 2005, I realised there was absolutely nothing in our records from the first 30 years, so I started to piece together an entirely new brand archive.” This is why he has decided to organise an exhibition in which the public can touch, feel, and appreciate the extensive work that makes up the brand's identity. The exhibition is curated by Lawrence Schlossman and James Harris of Throwing Fits, who also appear in the promotional video, which is a kind of vintage show in an as-seen-on-TV format that recreates the brand's history and flagship garments in a fun way.
Gant’s travelling archive exhibition is now on view until February 26th at 240 Mulberry St. New York, NY 10012. Opening hours: 11am - 7pm.
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