Simon Says is their second release to their name after they debuted with their Maybelline single, but there is no doubt that Frozemode have energy. If you listen to their latest song, “Simon Says”, you will hear just that, a vibrant whirlwind that characterises their music, and we can’t wait to see this live. This year promises to be a turning point for the London-based hip-pop-punk trio, who are now beginning their path in the music industry with this project with astonishing strength.
Having already been championed by BBC Radio 1's Jack Saunders ('Next Wave' artist), Frozemode are set to shake up the music scene in the coming months. “I apologise for my problems / I'm sorry I still haven't solved them / Why do you remind me of my failures / You can be sure I have not forgotten them,” they sing in this new single that they are now presenting, Simon Says. Through raw honest verses to home their kinetic energy, the tenacious trio is are making a splash in the murky waters of the underground music scene.

With lots in the pipeline and having already achieved what would usually be expected of 12-month timeline, the grass roots trio are unquestionably set to be the voice of an angry generation, causing a sonic stir this 2023.