Fritz Kalkbrenner encapsulates the energy and flow of Berlin techno, and he’s bringing it to Spain with two new tour performances next month. On the 15th of March in Madrid and the 16th of March in Barcelona, Kalkbrenner will be debuting his latest single, Set You Free, and reminding fans of his legendary and timeless skill. 
Fritz was raised in East Berlin, following the footsteps of his older brother through the smoke of the mid 90s Berlin techno. In 2008, Kalkbrenner worked on and starred in the film Berlin Calling alongside his brother Paul, and it helped to kickstart his decades-long musical career. From the release of his first album in 2010, Here Today Gone Tomorrow, he quickly started playing live and amassing praise for his electronic sound. His house beats are warm and soulful, often overlaid with his own singing. From making the German Top 20 to starting his own music label, Kalkbrenner has since made it among some of the greatest electronic musicians of our time. 
His most recent single, Set You Free, was released in November of 2023 and brings it back to the golden age of house music. Not only does this song feel a bit retro and nostalgic, it’s a tribute to the influential music artists who helped inspire his early career. “Artists like Roy Davis Jr, Kenny Dixon, Moodymann and Theo Parrish have inspired the subtle nuances embedded in this piece,” he says. “Set You Free is my understated way of acknowledging the profound impact they’ve had on my artistic journey.” 
The accompanying music video depicts four individuals as they run while stripping on layers of clothing. Kalkbrenner explains that by discarding their clothing, these characters are letting go and freeing themselves from situations, leaving them in a reality where they can meet others with similar stories. The video encapsulates a liberating energy, and its vibrational house beats are perfect for a deep listening. In speaking of the record, Kalkbrenner said, “It’s a modest homage to an era that has significantly shaped my musical path.”
Listen to “Set You Free” and more house beats from Paul Kalkbrenner live at Lula Club in Madrid on March 15th (tickets here), and at GO Beach Club in Barcelona on March 16th (tickets here).