Francisco Barahona, also known as Fresko, is releasing his Inner Funk EP today. The Portuguese visual artist whose explorations into DJing started in 2012 when the Warface collective organized parties in Lisbon is back on Hayes with four heavily swung, boisterous cuts conducive to a frenzied dancefloor. Having played many clubs like Ministerium, Lux Frágil, Lx Faktory, Vértice, Darkanival, Musicbox Lisboa and Gare and 1/4 Escuro during his first musical stage, is unveiling a decade later a jagged project, in which tight percussion is underscored by rolling basslines, stabbing synths, and a manic atmosphere, all while maintaining a deep sense of soul and ecstasy.

Inner Funk
, AX1, Problematico and Gaslighter are the four tracks included in his just-released EP, written, mixed and produced by himself. The release is mastered by João Rodrigues at Tema Mastering and the artwork is signed by João Frederico, achieving a perfect balance. Fresko will be performing at Harbour on June 13 and at the festival LISB-ON #Jardim Sonoro 2023 some weeks later.
Fresko 3.jpg