Freedust is not just a musical project, it is a creative space that encourages collaborations between artists, the joining of forces among different talents, and generating formulas that they would not have reached individually. Initially founded by dynamic Italian composer Daniele Carmosino and Swedish singer Lisa Widmark, the project has gone on to feature several accomplished artists around the globe. Now, the Barcelona-based project is releasing its new album, Take Me There, featuring numerous talented artists from around the world.
From Bardo to Dj Kamo, Mabreezee or Antonia Marquee, among many others, we find a lot of artist names in this new release, which is a breath of fresh air, jam-packed full of upbeat, inspiring tunes to remind listeners of the beauty of collaboration and unity that comes after two especially complicated years for the artistic industries, including of course music. From hip hop and funk to tribal Latin percussions, RnB or background choirs, many musical styles coexist in this new work. And it is that each of the guest artists leaves their mark on this new release, making this album something great and stimulating.

The seven-track album (plus seven instrumentals) starts off strong with Beleedat, which is a premonition of what will come next in this new work, where songs jump from alternative pop to neo-soul. Then we find tracks like Elevate, Fast Life or Breathe In, Breathe Out, among others, until we reach the second half marked by the prominence of instrumental music. To create feel-good melodies, irresistibly bouncy beats, and a raw, soulful musical energy with a vintage vibe, Freedust once again demonstrates that music can be a place of union, fleeing from trends and competition between artists and musical genres.
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