In the current noisy, attention-seeking, hyper-accelerated world where anything and anyone comes and goes in split second, finding projects like that of Franziska Aigner aka Frankie is a blessing. Today, the Berlin-based Austrian artist presents Clouds, a new single from her upcoming sophomore EP, Heaven/Hell, out via UK label Shadow World on December 8.

is the opening song from the four-track EP, which will also feature the pieces Contempt, Power and Control. In this first single, out today, Franziska Aigner samples Baroque French musician Robert de Visée’s Prelude in A Minor and gives it a contemporary twist through her own arrangements, creating an enveloping soundscape that is as mysterious as it is soothing for the soul. Other references are made to 16th-century British composer John Dowland and Roman poet Catull in her lyrics, a testament to Franziska’s rich cultural baggage after studying around prestigious schools in Europe and getting her PhD in Philosophy.
Directed by Austin Lynch (the son of renowned filmmaker and master of all-things-weird, David Lynch), the accompanying video is as hypnotic and dark as the song itself. Blurry and even glitchy, the video of Clouds can even be perceived as a bit unsettling. However, Franziska’s poetically sinister voice guides listeners through this calm journey.
With a background in choreography and dance, Franziska Aigner has collaborated with renowned Anne Imhof on performances such as Angst and Faust (awarded the Golden Lion at the Venice Biennale 2017). But the multi-hyphenate artist is also trained in the piano, the cello, and vocals, making her a well-rounded creative that approaches creativity from a myriad of practices. In addition, she’s also ventured into academia, and after getting her PhD, she’s currently a lecturer at the New Centre of Research and Practice.