Francobollo, the band from London, has returned with their newest EP Good Buy, which is set to be released July 16th. Time has flown by in the 3 years since they last released anything, but they did not just sit around. Well maybe they did, but only to write music. As a band, Francobollo can’t easily be defined by one sound. Each song has a distinctive ring to it, between hip hop, punk, or more upbeat indie they never disappoint. Their EP and newer music explore themes around modern consumption and the scheme of planned obsolescence. The name Good Buy is a play on that. We talked to them to get more insight into their thought process and plans for the future, and today we also present their newest single Are You Content?
It has been about 3 years since you last released anything. What made you decide to take a step back from putting out music initially, and what sort of introspection did you do during your time away?
It wasn't really a decision as such to not put out music. Time just passes too quickly, especially when having to work some random job, purely to survive. We're a very disorganised band, with plenty of ideas and restricted funds. So we had to kind of work with our strengths and weaknesses to find some middle ground, where it's still fun.
You self-produced this album after setting up your own recording studio. What have you learned from that process?
We've learnt how cool and unique our room sounds, and how possibilities are endless when there's no time or financial limit to the process.
How does your latest EP Good Buy differ from your previous music? Did the pandemic affect your creative process in any way?
Good Buy started out as an album. We took out the good songs to re-record and release later, and were left with five tracks that had the same depressed and complaining vibe... and Good Buy was made!
Do you have a favourite song from the EP?
We like the title track!
Your music has been described in ways such as wonky, indie rock. I have noticed some potential hip hop influences as well. Particularly in songs off your new EP like Modern Life Is Getting Old and Good Buy. Are You Content? is a bit sludge metal-like. Are there any genres of music you’re particularly fond of or inspired by?
We're big music lovers! I guess we're in love with the intent and realness of ‘old music’ such as jazz, folk, soul, blues, classical and so forth. That realness mixed with attitudes and textures you can find in hip-hop (and all its sub-genres) and in punk and metal. Any music as long as it's good.
Francobollo Metalmagazine 2.jpg
Are there any genres or sounds that you want to experiment with or incorporate more of in the future?
Yes! Everything there is. But there is a lot of hip-hop going on when we make music at the moment. None of us is good at rapping, but with the help of some good ones, we're planning to release a few mixtapes this coming year!
You have said that Good Buy is a farewell to the corrupt commercial worldview that is driving essentially everything about society. Planned obsolescence is brought up as well. Can you elaborate on this a little more? Do you think a lot of others are feeling this way, or is the idea for the EP more personal?
I have a feeling a lot of people feel anxious about the totally money-driven worldview we are more or less forced to live by (especially living in a city). I don't think I'm the only one that doesn't view money as the ‘real’ world currency, but constantly is being pushed to think it is.
It feels so old to think that we as humans and everything we make can exponentially grow in ‘value’ forever.
What actions have you taken in your personal lives outside of music to say farewell to this ‘virus’-like ideology, as you have called it previously?
I ended my credit card and stopped buying pointless things. Started making my own oat milk and bread. I guess every little helps until you're finally self-sufficient on some plot of land somewhere. Still feels like nothing is enough, maybe some fight club style demolition of banks, would do it? I don't know.
Modern Life Is Getting Old is the first track released from the EP. The lyrics involve pollution in the city, amongst other issues. You mentioned that the idea for the song in part has to do with being a country boy at heart and having a feeling of confusion about that. Do you feel a longing to move out of the city?
Absolutely! I miss the space and the silence. But it still feels like we all have things to do, and perhaps money to make to be able to do that!
Do you have any plans to perform live again soon? Are you going to do anything different with your performances?
Yes! We're having a release party for Good Buy EP on July 23 at The Victoria in Dalston. Apart from that, it looks a bit spare for us when it comes to live shows. The whole scene is so saturated due to Covid so all the good bands and artists will make up for lost time before we can have our turn.
Finally, what are your plans for releasing new music after this EP? Are you taking your time, or do you have enough in the vault that you are eager to release?
We have enough in the vault right now for a few more singles, EPs and there are a few albums there. We're writing new material that we're recording too. The Franco-Factory is keeping very busy right now, there's a lot to come.