There are artists whose sound is recognisable as soon as you listen to a few seconds of their tracks. Either because of a certain way of understanding and interpreting their music, a tone of voice different from the rest of creatives or a musical instrument that has become their best ally and that their audience is waiting impatiently to hear live. Forevrbroy is a perfect example of this kind of unique artist, increasingly rare in a scene where trends seem to dictate the way too often. Having received rave reviews following the release of their singles Lights Out! or Without U, with about a hundred thousand listeners each on Spotify, now presents his debut EP, Panic Club!.
A sound journey is what London-based artist Forevrboy has in store for us. An adventure in which, through singular rhythms, distorted guitars and raw lyrics via auto-tune promises not to leave us indifferent, materialising in a proposal that transcends sound and immerses itself in an energetic universe, creating its own vibrations that make of his musical work something highly recognisable. It may have to do with the emotional load that his tracks hold. “Music has been therapeutic for me," he explains before commenting that the heartbreak and breakdown were catalysts in the creation of this new EP. “I hope it resonates with people and Panic Club! can inspire others, membership is open!”

From Lights Out! to D8 Me?! featuring Mayh3mp, his defining sound of alt-pop, trap and metal continues to gain fans who appreciate the personality and authenticity of Forevrboy. Having spent his teenage years listening to Skrillex, Limp Bizkit or Gab3, Panic Club! follows the mending of a relationship that started off well but quickly spiralled and led to a time when he struggled with his mental health. We will have to wait for the new chapter led by the artist, but in the meantime, we can already enjoy this new EP.