Folamour, the DJ hyphen producer based in Marseille, has unveiled his latest album, entitled Manifesto, the fourteen track album is the result of 2 years of intense, personal production. Partnering with a wide array of artists and producers such as Amadou & Mariam, Baccus, Jungle By Night, Emmanuel Jal, Khazal, and Tim Ayre, Folamour has delivered an album that does well to ruminate on his ideas of true manifestations of love and freedom.
The album, which is extensive in both length and in the wide incorporation of sounds under the umbrella of house music, sees Folamour embrace his sonic palette and roam comfortably between genres. Lead single, Voyage, featuring Amadou & Miriam blends funky afrobeat and pulsing house, whilst tracks such as Freedom and title track Manifesto featuring Jungle by Night, are more in keeping with Folamour’s past work. It's all in all a wholly enjoyable listen, giving listeners of varying dance music camps tracks they could work into a plethora of sets. Folamour is truly a chameleon, producing a sweet array of music that demonstrates his love of the scene and the craft of music production.

An accompanying written manifesto from Folamour accompanies the press release, where he hones in on the value of refusing to be compromised, and staying true to oneself in order to achieve one's goals. It's lofty, but Folamour is pure good, and his sunshine infused sound is enough to prove that his written ambitions regarding music and production are true. Following up after the 2021 LP The Journey, and being released through Folamour’s newly founded label House Of Love which was established in 2022, Manifesto is clearly part of a new era for the artist, one that hints at newfound confidence and a way forward. Folamour’s commitment to love and freedom is a sweet means of shrugging away his relative stardom in a DJ culture domination somewhat by clout. His uncompromising style and sense of whimsy working to uplift latest album Manifesto as a shiny commentary on the value of being true to one's' artistry.
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