The Aspen Art Museum welcomes art enthusiasts to experience a captivating journey through the intricate world of Florian Krewer, a German painter whose work defies convention and explores the complexities of our modern existence. In the artist’s inaugural solo museum exhibition in the United States, titled Florian Krewer: everybody rise, viewers will embark on a visual odyssey through more than twenty paintings, meticulously curated by Matthew Higgs, Director and Chief Curator of White Columns.
Krewer’s artistic evolution over the years takes centre stage in this exhibition, as his works from 2017 to the present unfold chronologically. These paintings bear witness to the significant transformations in his creative practice. Nicola Lees, Nancy and Bob Magoon Director of the Aspen Art Museum, explains that Krewer’s figurative paintings “showcase a complex picture of our contemporary lives which, like the artist, we all have been evaluating through a new lens. Visitors here have the chance to engage with a body of work that examines our individual selves and the tensions so recently felt between our lockdown solitude and our public identities in an increasingly globalised world.”

At the heart of Krewer’s art lies an exploration of identity in the digital age. His paintings often depict figures undergoing fragmentation, distortion, or immersion in the digital realm. These evocative compositions raise questions about the profound impact of technology on our sense of self. His work features a vibrant and dynamic color palette, adding depth and complexity to his exploration of contemporary themes.

Krewer’s career trajectory is traced from 2017, when he graduated from Kunstakademie, Düsseldorf, under the mentorship of Peter Doig. A pivotal move to New York in 2020 coincided with the onset of the global pandemic, shaping the artist’s work in response to significant biographical events. The title everybody rise, derived from Krewer’s 2019 painting, encapsulates the essence of ambiguity, uncertainty, empowerment, and potential that permeates his art. His representation of individuals, either in groups, pairs, or solitary, remains a recurrent theme. Krewer’s work continually probes the boundaries between our private lives and our social identities.
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