Her work could be considered ‘human music,’ since her lyrics show a surprising connection with the reality of society, the problems that affect the world and the reflections of her listeners. The singer-songwriter and producer Flavia knows how to make deep, authentic works of art, whose leitmotiv is such important issues as mental health, anti-bullying or the defence of minority rights. A captivating spirit that makes her the artist we all want to listen to in the 21st-century. She now releases her new single, Nameless.
More and more singers and artists dare to speak of very intimate personal experiences in their work. From depression and anxiety to harassment or discrimination, putting these issues on the table through is a way to break taboos, create community and encourage mutual support. Through Nameless, her latest release, Flavia speaks out about abortion, sharing her own experience. “I was just a kid when I had my abortion and I wish there had been a practice in place to encourage open communication, therapy or mental health care,” says the artist, for whom it is essential to put an end to the stigma around this conversation and create real support networks.

“This is the most personal and important song I have ever written,” recognises Flavia, who tells her story in a song that shines for its delicacy, which hides a resounding force full of meaning. Winner of the pop category at the Independent Music Awards, she was a finalist in the Great American Song Contest, among others, and her debut EP Out Loud reached number sixteen on the iTunes Alternative Charts. And all those who have been able to see her perform live compare it to a mystical experience, recreating a fascinating aura that remains in their memory. Nameless is the final single from her forthcoming EP, SMF.
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