Design or functionality? It seems that these two terms are, for many brands and designers, incompatible. It is not, however, for Fioboc, a sustainable men's clothing brand that has made the perfect synergy between fashion, sustainability and practicality its emblem. Having found struggling to find the perfect t-shirt that could be worn in a variety of places, in 2019 they decided to launch their own project with which to respond to their needs by making the t-shirt a versatile piece that that could be worn in different moments and situations of the day. In short, a product that is committed to comfort without giving up design.
But, what is the mission of this project that emerged to offer solutions for daily life? “Provide you a better choice for sustainable and stylish clothing,” comment its managers, who have successfully created a series of luxury apparel with technical fabric, upmarket quality, and reasonable prices. Special mention should be made on the eco-friendly and comfortable technical Sorona fabric, as well as the production and distribution model they are committed to, in which the items are directly delivered to their customers from the factory, reducing the costs between intermediaries that increase in most occasions the final price of fashion garments.

Talking about Fioboc implies analyzing the way they produce, their unique t-shirt fabric where there is a combination of comfort, eco-friendliness, and technical function. Because a t-shirt is a piece that becomes a second skin and accompanies us in our daily lives, quality and the search for the maximum possible positive properties is a must. “Thus the fabric with a good drape and vibrant colour is highly affinitive to the skin, moisture-wicking, anti-bacterial deodorant, and anti-ultraviolet,” we read in the brand’s manifesto. From bamboo fibre to long-staple cotton or the aforementioned Sorona, which comforts the wearer with softness, silky, smoothness and good elasticity.

The prime highlight of their Men's Anti-Oil Stain Proof Waterproof T-Shirts is their sustainable and efficient material, and each piece undergoes a series of tests that check every aspect. A strict series of parameters are analyzed offering maximum comfort in all weather conditions. These t-shirts are designed with a unique Fioboc fabric, which is made up of 34 per cent long-staple cotton, 32 per cent Sorona, and 34 per cent bamboo fibre. You can find more information about its advanced technology here.

Among the most notable characteristics of the Fioboc t-shirt, we find elastic rib necklines, triple-stitched collar, triple stitches with five-thread reinforced, twin-needled stitch locking on the shoulder and four-thread lockstitch with up to 15 pins per inch, making the seam flat, aesthetic, and comfortable. In short, their Fioboc Cooling Technology in which super-micro ice particles are added to their fibre to keep us cool and comfortable, along with their superior fabric, a luminous logo and craftsmanship, makes their t-shirts a perfect piece to work, exercise, go on a seaside vacation and a lot of other activities.
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