The Canadian Creators Collective introduces Fictions, an art-meets-design virtual experience. Featuring the works of eight local creators, the display showcases some of the best design Canada has to offer, in collaboration with curator Nicolas Bellavance-Lecompte. Set in a post-apocalyptic environment in the heart of Montreal, the virtual exhibition is now accessible online for one week only.
With a focus on promoting contemporary design from Canada and helping local designers, the CCC proposes Fictions as a freeform exploration of shape, materiality and function, taking the viewer into a multi-sensorial experience. Thirteen works – from eight established and emerging artists – compose the display, including Lambert & Fils, Atelier Zébulon Perron, Pascale Girardin, Claste to name a few.

The setting, reminiscent of seventies sci-fi and surveillance cameras, will prompt users to immerse themselves into the exhibition by choosing one of four different camera angles: floor view, a bird’s eye, detail, and overall view. They will be strongly encouraged to periodically return to the exhibition as the lighting will change throughout the day – a discrete signifier of the passing of time, and a unique element of the exhibition.

Breaking away from the traditional in-real-life design installation, Fictions takes the viewer into this unique experience through compelling imagery and video footage, state-of-the-art technology and original soundscapes. An intriguing and mysterious journey that makes the audience wonder how these elegant and majestic pieces ended up there.
The exhibition Fictions by the Canadian Creators Collective is now on view online for one week only.
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