Since we first spoke to Dmitry Kornilov over three years ago we have been keeping our eye on their brilliant project, From the collection of NFTs named Ukrainian Power Artifacts to the creation of Astra Starr, Europe's very first virtual influencer with whom we spoke in this interview, this innovation tech studio doesn’t cease to surprise us with proposals that leave no one indifferent. Now they continue redefining the fashion landscape with the launch of the world's first Semi-Digital Jeans Collection.
"The Semi-Digital Jeans Collection is the first of its kind, attracting online and offline attention to the owner. This is precisely what we expect from modern clothing items,” says the brand's CEO when we ask him about this exciting launch, which offers customers access to exclusive digital modes through QR code scanning, allowing individuals to create unique and stand out content for social media platforms effortlessly. This is further demonstration that the digital and physical worlds are more connected than ever, and the opportunities that their combination offers are endless.
Expanding’s strategy of dominating the semi-digital fashion production industry, this collection vindicates what is one of the project's emblems: the future of fashion is phygital. “That's why now we must contemplate and invent not just digital clothing but clothing that integrates both realities that are merging,” adds Kornilov. This new release departs from the conventional addition of 3D elements, opting to activate the garment texture instead. The lineup showcases five models, and each of them is accompanied by a distinct digital essence.