Fei-Fei follows her path not paying much attention to limiting musical categories or anything that implies having to make restrictive decisions. She prefers adventures in which freedom is a constant, showing a unique and strong personality. Being a beacon of strength for femme, non-binary, queer, and BIPOC producers, she's the founder of PUSSY POP, her own label and event series, and a member of Hyperweeknd, a femme alt-pop writer and producer collective. She is now releasing her new single, I AM DRUGS, making alternative punk, hyper-pop, and acid-techno a winning combination.
Through sound, Fei-Fei immerses us in an emotional rollercoaster from which it is difficult to escape. Creating an almost hypnotizing atmosphere, the artist embodies the spirit of independence and has never created art within the constraints of a specific genre or ideology. Her new single, I AM DRUGS, once again shows us the powerful and energetic spirit of the singer, who has hundreds of thousands of streams on some of her songs on Spotify and continues to gain new fans all over the world. It is precisely her personal way of mixing musical genres, making sound a vehicle for transmitting messages, which has made many listeners find something different in the artist's profile grabbing their attention.

“It reveals in the precarious moment you're about to make a very very bad decision—the 'oh shit' moment right before you go tumbling down the rabbit hole… and it's about to get real. But don't worry, it's like a fun fever. And there’s only one thing to do...” says Fei-Fei when asked about her new intoxicating techno anthem. This last release is the result of “taking the weird and different things I love and combining them in strange ways, making new sounds that addict me,” as the artist says.