For the last few years, FAWNe has been honing her craft making songs with her producer and creative collaborator Hugh Fothergill and her debut single is finally seeing the light of day today. Colours is the introduction to the universe of this young London-based pianist, guitarist, singer and songwriter, whose no stranger to singing live, as she had been doing so all over town and does so even now through streamings, to keep in touch with her fanbase.
In her own words, this song "represents that person who I’m sure we’ve all met at one point in our lives who has many sides to their personality, someone who chooses which personality to show depending on who they’re with." It's about someone who may or may not be showing their true colours and the music video shows the multiple perspectives of those people involved with them. From the temptress who traps the man who will eventually blind side her, to the friend who's trying to get her away from this potentially unhealthy relationship; all of this is conveyed through the different colour schemes.

FAWNe describes her music as "personal, drawing on real life experiences and is written from the heart. It is moody/dark with an element of sweetness, a hint of humour and above all it is real,” and that is exactly what she's conveying through Colours. It is an intimate portrayal of what can go wrong in a relationship, with soul, pop, indie and electronica touches, and not realising what can happen when you're under someone else's spell.
Fawne Butterfly.jpg