Bridging Spanish and English, LA-based duo Fake Dad shares So Dramatic!, the main single of their upcoming EP, Yerba Mala, out October 19. Andrea de Varona and Josh Ford, the masterminds behind the music project formed in 2020 after the two met at a college party in the East Village, have released this song that has distinctive sun-soaked layered guitars and pop-laden hooks. If you want to get into a good mood today, have a listen!
“Having bilingual lyrics that are never fully in Spanish was very intentional because we’re trying to capture the identity and existing duality of being a Hispanic person in America who may have grown up speaking primarily one language at home but largely another in the outside world,” Andrea shares about So Dramatic! The band’s frontperson is a first-gen Latinx, so her interest in exploring “interpersonal relationship dynamics in an ever-changing world” permeates the entirety of the upcoming EP. Taking a closer look at the lyrics of So Dramatic!, the duo references Titanic, Meryl Streep and Leonardo DiCaprio, some of the most recognisable symbols in the Hollywood star system.
Writing and recording from their apartment, Andrea and Josh are honing a unique style influenced by a wide range of genres from synth pop to indie rock, to electronic and bedroom pop. From the intimacy of their own place, the band doesn’t shy away from discussing personal issues in their lyrics, where they’ve talked about battling anxiety, depression, and body dysmorphia. As they state in their Spotify bio: “Much cheaper than therapy, and almost 50% as effective.”