Have you ever had a project in mind that never seems to come to fruition? Life gets in the way and you keep postponing it endlessly? I’m sure you have – most of us have, I’d say. And it’s no different for musician and singer Ezéchiel Pailhès, an academically-trained pianist who aimed to release a piano album for over two decades. But some dreams do come true, and in this case, the French artist has finally found the time, space, energy, and motivation to work on his first piano album, titled Ventas Rumba (pre-order here). So far, he’s released a couple of singles (Ventas Rumba and Sway), and today, he’s back with a new one: Piccolo.
Comprised of fourteen tracks, Ezéchiel’s new album has been recorded between France (his home country) and Latvia, where he travelled to in order to be able to play the Una Corda piano. And you might wonder, what exactly is that? Created in 2014 by David Klavins, this instrument is an upright piano with a single string per note (unlike three strings on traditional pianos), which gives it a unique sound. Latvia also inspired the album’s title, by the way. While ‘rumba’ might remind you of the famous Spanish genre, the word actually refers to the waterfall and rapids (in Latvian) of the river Ventas.
After the first two singles off of the upcoming record, Ezéchiel releases today Piccolo, a third song that gives us another taste of what is about to come. Accompanied by a colourful music video where we see feet, torsos, legs and groups dancing energetically, the French artist’s new song is an upbeat track with jazzy vibes and warm synth tones. Have a listen now!