“You can’t have my package but you can have my Eytys jeans”, says a cheeky, blue-eyed hot stud; “You can’t have my number but you can have my Eytys jeans”, says a sassy girl while talking through a retro, bright yellow phone. And just like that, five other videos where their characters affirm you can’t have their cocks, brains, followers, babies or oyster. Daring, right? Eytys Denim Fall/Winter 2018 campaign, created in collaboration with the London-based publication Buffalo Zine, is an ode to ‘70s advertising, straightforward communication, and shameless customers. And we couldn’t love it more.
But this doesn’t come as brand new. Last season, Eytys Denim already launched a very similar campaign. And because it was so good, they’ve decided to keep walking the same path. “As a continuation of our first campaign, the inspiration is again purely seventies advertising”, says Buffalo Zine’s editor-in-chief, Adrián González Cohen. “We love how direct the message used to be and how natural the characters”. But more important than how they communicate is what they are actually showing – yes, hot models, but even hotter are the pants (and shoes!) they’re wearing.

The Swedish brand, which opened its first store in London just a few days ago – a perfect timing so all fashion week-goers can spend the little money that’s left on their bank accounts after the holidays –, is presenting the models Benz, Boyle, and Cypress in new, bold styles. “The market needed a breath of fresh air. Everywhere we looked there was stretchy tight fits and distressed washes. We wanted to create something modern, something that we would wear”, states Max Schiller, Eytys’ creative director.

Three fits, different fabrics and materials, and several combinations. The resulting twelve looks range from tartan to a tar-like coating and will become your best allies when it comes to dressing comfortably and fashionably at the same time – that’s for sure. And, maybe, you’ll look so good that the campaign’s models let you have their… whatever it is that you want from them. If you want to try your luck, just go to Eytys’ website, stores (London and Stockholm), or other online retailers.