“It is not a love song. It is not a song about falling--it’s a song about falling apart. It’s a song about a flame burning brightest just before it goes out. Shout out Studio City at night,” says musical duo Exes, fronted by Allie McDonald and producer Mike Derenzo, when asked about their new single, Girl of My Dreams. A track in which they collaborate with Luke Wild, allowing us to know one more facet of their exciting project, while they work on a new LP that will be released in early 2022, Don't Give Up On Me Now.
Exes and Luke Wild invite us to accompany them on their introspective adventure materialised in the form of a car trip that ends at a sunset on the beach. Starting with the delicacy of the guest artist's voice, Allie then enters the scene achieving a deeply emotional result, connecting with the most human feelings. A sensation that evokes an emotional collapse, expressing an uncommon deep intimacy in a panorama marked by continuous stimuli and the unstoppable need to surprise the public. “Luke came into the studio with the idea for Girl of My Dreams and we instantly loved it,” explains the Los Angeles-based duo.

As the authors say, “we have all been there, clinging on to a moment that hasn’t even yet passed, all too aware that soon enough you’ll be missing what you have.” It is precisely this ability to empathize with such a universal human emotion that makes them connect with an audience that appreciates their effective way of conveying messages. After releasing their previous single, Clapping on the TV (which already exceeds one hundred thousand listeners on Spotify), Exes once again surprises us by announcing the dates 2022 tour. A tour that will go from Los Angeles to New York, which you can check here.
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