Making music a travelling companion in which to record and reflect on their vital experiences, EVVAN now put their energy into consolidating their musical project and continuing to gain a foothold in the artistic scene. Now they take a big step with the release of their The Little Things EP, diving into all aspects of vulnerability. Throughout the EP, EVVAN expresses their frustration with the fight for LGBTQ+ rights, their search to find intimacy with someone, and their yearning for comfort in finally admitting their need to be held.
“Many, if not most, people have difficulty expressing their deepest emotions whether they be anger, sadness, loneliness, even love,” replies the non-binary singer, producer, and songwriter based in Long Island, NY, when asked about the meaning behind their new release, which demonstrates the ability music has to dig deep and help us discover our passions, flaws, and sense of self. Focusing on the beauty of living in the moment with a gratefulness for the little things in life, the artist also speaks of the importance of staying present and appreciating what we have over what we don’t.

Since EVVAN changed their pronouns to they/them in the summer of 2022 accepting themselves and how they wanted to be addressed thus feeling a freeness and relief unlike anything they’ve ever felt before, the singer has continued to document their adventure through songs. “My hope in your listening to the title song gently pushes you to take a look around and pause for a moment to remind yourself of the little, seemingly insignificant, things in life to be thankful for,” they say about their just-released EP.